System intents

There is a list of intents for system skills. If you want to use them, you need to connect it to the application.

  1. common-phrases: skill with common intents for any type of conversations
  2. common-nps-eng: skill with common intents for Net Promoter Score (NPS) conversations


how_do_you_doThe user says a polite phrase How are you doing

How do you do
are_you_a_robotThe user says that Dasha is a robot Are you a robot

Am i talking to a robot

You are talking like a bot

Are you a bot

You are robot right

I am talking to a bot

* Are you a person or a bot
who_are_youThe user wants to know who he/she is talking to Who are you

Who're you

Who is asking

Who's this

Who's calling

I'm sorry, who are you again?
selfThe user wants to know Dasha's name What's your name

What's your name again

Is it Daria, right

Is this Daria

* You were saying your name is ...
can_you_hear_meThe user wonders if Dasha can hear him/her Can you hear me?

Are you there?

* Can you hear what I am saying?
where_did_you_get_my_numberThe user wonders where Dasha got his number Where did you get my number?

How do you know my number?

How did you get my number?

How do you have my number?
what_companyThe user wonders what company Dasha is calling from. What company are you with?

On whose behalf are you calling?

With which company are you?

Who are you working for?

Who do you work for?

Daria with who?

* Daria with what?
whom_do_you_callThe user wonders who exactly Dasha is calling. Who are you calling?

Who are you looking for?

Whom are you looking for?

Who do you want to talk to?

Who do you want to speak with?

Are you calling for someone specific?

Who are you trying to reach

Whom are you trying to reach?

* Who is this for?
what_do_you_wantThe user wants to know the purpose of the call. What do you want

What is this about

What is this

How can I help you

What can I do for you

Why should I

Why What for

What is this for

Why do you need this?

What's in this for me?
pingThe user says something to test the connection Hello


* Hey
byeThe user says goodbye I dialed the wrong number, goodbye

Thank you for your help, bye


Have a good day

Talk to you later



I am hanging up now

Have a great day

Talk to you soon

* Have a good one
not_interestedThe user says he/she is no interested in what Dasha offers. I am not interested

I am not really into it

It doesn't apply to me

This is not interesting to me

* I am not in the market
thank_youThe user thanks Dasha. Thank you

Thanks much obliged

I appreciate it

I am grateful

I express my gratitude

With gratitude


With kindest personal regards

Thank you kindly

Muchas gracias
dont_understandThe user says he/she can hardly ever hear Dasha or doesn't understand what she is saying. Can not hear you

I can not hear what you are saying

I do not understand you

I do not understand what you are saying

I have no idea what you are saying

What are you saying your voice is breaking

I am losing you

Please be more clear

Please be more concise

The line is messy

Can't hear you

I don't get that

I didn't get that

Sorry, I didn't quite catch that
you_already_called_meThe user says Dasha has already called him/her. We've already talked

We talked before

We already had this conversation

You called me

You just called me

You have already called me
answering_machineDasha's call is forwarded to an answering machine. This number is not available at the moment I am sorry, the number you have reached is not in service, or temporarily disconnected

The number you have reached is not in service at this time

The number you have entered has been temporarily disconnected, changed, or is no longer in service

We are unable to complete your call as dialed

Please check the number and dial again, or call your operator to help you

You have dialed a number which can not be reached from your calling area

Please leave a message

Hi, this is John, please leave a message is unable to pick up the phone right now, can you please leave a message can not come to the phone
wrong_numberDasha has got the wrong number. You have got the wrong number

You have got an incorrect number

This is the wrong number

The number is wrong

* The number you've got is wrong
wrong_personDasha has got the wrong person. It is not me

This is not she

This is not him

You have got the wrong person

You have called the wrong person

I do not know the person you are asking for
swear_wordsThe user swears or performs very rude. Fuck you!

I want to schedule god damn

Piss off

Fuck off

Screw you

Fuck you

Eat shit

Shut your mouth

Shut the fuck up piece of shit motherfucker

You dirty bastard




Damn you Damn robocallers

Evil robot fuck

Say what again motherfucker, I dare you, I double dog dare you
if_fastThe user agrees to speak to Dasha unless it will take too much time If it's not gonna take forever if it wont take hours

Unless it's gonna take forever I guess I can spare a few minutes

Make it quick

Yeah, quickly

Just make it fast

Okay, hurry up

Fine, hurry

So long as you don’t take up much of my time

Just don’t take up my time

Hurry up I have one minute I have two minutes

I’ll give you two minutes I’ll give you a minute

You have a minute You have two minutes Just don’t waste my time
waitThe user asks to hold on or to wait for something Can you hold?

Can you stay on the line?

Can you wait?

Is a little off here

Please hold

Hold on

Give me a second

Give me a minute

I have got a call coming in

I've got an incoming call to hang on
may_continueThe user wants to continue the conversation Speak, please


* Go on
call_laterThe user asks directly to call him/her later Call me back

Can you call me back

Give me a call later

Can not talk right now

Ring me later

Please call me back in a while

Call back later

I can call back tomorrow please call back on monday call me in the evening

Call me tomorrow please call in a couple of days

Can't do the talking can't talk for long
potential_call_laterThe user says something that can be interpreted as a request to call him/her back later (under special circumstances) I'm busy at the moment called at the wrong time very busy now It's night time already!

Are you crazy calling at this time? i'm driving at 4 pm couple of hours later not now at work

Not possible later in two days uncomfortable next evening

This is not a good time

* Not possible I have no time no time I can not now
do_not_callThe user asks not to call him/her or says something that can be interpreted that way Do not call

Don't bother me

Stop calling me

Never call me

Never call here again

Don't ever call here again

Forget my number

I will find you and kill you

* I will murder you Don't you ever call me again!
repeatThe user asks Dasha directly to repeat what she has just said Can you please repeat

Say that again I need to hear you say it again can you say it again

Sorry, the connection dropped for a sec.

Could you say that again?

One more time?

Come again

* Repeat that
im_okay_thank_youThe user says "no" but very politely* We're okay thank you I'm good I appreciate it thank you I think we're fine
permanently_unavailableThe is no more available due to his death or retirement I'm sorry mr. Hurd retired over three years ago

He passed away

He is walking on the other side of the grass

Miss Kate is no longer working with us
dont_speak_languageThe claims he can't speak English (or asks to speak another language) no English

Yes but my English is no please Spanish

* Spanish Español you can speak Italian, please


everything_is_okThe user says that everything about the thing Dasha mentions is ok, he/she wants to put all excellent marks. I enjoyed everything Please give it all tops

Everything was excellent

Mark everything at 10

You know what, I give it all top rates

All tens

Ten to everything

Give it all ten

Everything was splendid

This was an experience of a lifetime

Everything was amazing

All perfect!

Everything was perfect!

Everything was incredible!

I loved every minute of it!

Best experience ever!

Absolutely loved it!

Unbelievable, best ever!

Top marks all around!

* Top service all around!
about_the_scaleThe wants to know on what scale does he/she need to evaluate things. On the scale of what again?

On what scale?

What the scale points stand for?

What's the scale again?

* What's the scale points again?
lack_of_experienceThe user says that he/she has too little experience using the things Dasha asks him/her about. I didn't have a chance to try it

I did not get the chance

I got no idea of those services of yours

I had no experience with them

I have got no idea I did not use it

I've never used it Never heard of it
requested_forwardingThe says he/she wants to be switched to an operator Can I talk to him operator

Can I talk to an operator put me through to a human

Can I talk to a human switch to the operator

Could you forward my call

* I would like to be connected to the operator get me a human
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