Dasha platform

Dasha is a Conversational AI for developers. Below you'll find a guide that will teach you how to use Dasha, and reference documentation for all the moving parts.

TL;DR: setup and call yourself

  1. Set environment variable DASHA_APIKEY (or create a file .env that contains DASHA_APIKEY=<your_apikey>). To receive your Dasha API key, enroll into our beta program.
  2. Download and run a simple conversational IVR example for a postal service:
git clone https://github.com/dasha-samples/dasha-first-app; cd dasha-first-app npm i npm start <phone_number>

(phone_number is your phone number in international format without +, for instance 12223334455).

You will receive a test call. Ask Dasha to help you track your parcel or something related to a postal service.

Install Dasha Studio for VSCode (optional):

code --install-extension dasha-ai.dashastudio code .

Next up

Once you've talked to the sample Dasha app above, you're going to want learn more how it works. This is usually one of two things:

If you're looking for more information or complete specs for something, you'll probably want one of these:

You'll probably also be interested in watching our screencasts and streams, or seeing some example projects.

If you have any questions, join us in Developer Community or email us at support@dasha.ai. We look forward to hearing from you!

Found a mistake? Email us, and we'll send you a free t-shirt!

Enroll in beta

Request invite to our private Beta program for developers to join the waitlist. No spam, we promise.