Setup Enviroment for Dasha

For working with Dasha.AI SDK for Node.js and with Dasha.AI CLI, you need to install Node.js v14 or newer.
Optionally, for more productive working with our DSL, you can install Visual Studio Code and DashaStudio extension for it.


Installing Node.js and Dasha CLI (Required)

  1. Check installed Node.js version (execute command in terminal)
    node --version
  2. If it's less than v14 or node command not found then go to Node.js and install the LTS release.
  3. Check installed Dasha.AI CLI version (execute command in terminal)
    dasha --version
  4. If the output is "dasha" command not found or equals to it, then install by using the command
    npm install --global ""
  5. Reload terminal.
  6. Execute command
    dasha account login

Installing Visual Studio Code and DashaStudio (Optional)

  1. Install Visual Studio Code;
  2. Install DashaStudio extension for Visual Studio Code or execute command
    code --install-extension dasha-ai.dashastudio

Installing Git (Optional)

Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.

  1. Check installed git by getting its version (execute command in terminal)
    git --version
  2. If the output is "git" command not found or equals to it, then install from Git site.
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