Platform overview

Below you'll find an overview of the Dasha platform. Reading this page will help you understand what happens under the hood.

How Dasha Works

Architecture Overview

Dasha platform consists of 3 big main parts:

  1. Dasha Cloud
  2. Dasha SDK
  3. Dasha Studio

Dasha Cloud

Based on Kubernetes it hides all the complexity of creating human-level conversational apps. Dasha has its own speech-to-text, text-to-speech, voice activity detection, whole NLP stack ― all working together.

Dasha SDK

A library, which purpose is to integrate Dasha into your existing product or infrastructure. Dasha SDK enables 2-way real-time communication between your app and Dasha Cloud via GRPC.

Dasha Studio

The IDE (integrated development environment) for accelerating building and maintaining Dasha apps. Built as an extension for VSCode.

Dasha Script

DashaScript is a domain-specific language created by Dasha for human-level dialogs modeling. It represents a dialog as a finite state machine. It looks pretty much like this and allows to design complex conversations with ease:

node myNode { do { #sayText("Hello from Dasha!"); // synthesize speech and pronounce wait *; // wait for user response } transitions { // if user said something that has intent "my_intent", go to targetNode targetNode: goto targetNode on #messageHasIntent("my_intent"); } } node targetNode { do { // Custom code... } transitions { } }

Next up

Now that you know how Dasha works, here are some things you might want to see next:

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