Dasha Studio

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Dasha Studio is a Visual Studio Code extension. It enables developers to build, manage and deploy Dasha applications - human-level voice interfaces for CX, support, sales, build voice-based notifications, smart/menuless IVRs and add conversational capabilities to websites, games, mobile apps, voice assistants, smart devices, and more with only a few lines of code, from Visual Studio Code.

Dasha Studio overview

Check out the hands-on demo videos on Dasha's YouTube channel to get started.

Overview of the extension features

Editing Dasha files

IntelliSense support when editing Dasha Scripting Language (.dsl) files, with completions and syntax help.

IntelliSense for Dasha files

Designing conversation flow

Visually design your conversation flows (aka dialogue graphs).


Dasha Studio anonymously tracks the following events and metrics:

  • extension command invocation
  • chat activity
  • graph viewer activity

You can opt-out by disabling the Dasha Studio > Telemetry > Enabled setting, or by setting DASHASTUDIO_TELEMETRY_ENABLED=false in your environment variables.


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