Common libraries

The common library is a set of scripts developed and shipped by Dasha and intended to make dialogue scripting easier by covering most common cases.

Common dialogue

For now, the only library called common dialogue is developed. It covers common-sense dialogue logic and consists of several little scripts called common reactions.

Common reactions

Each common reaction is implemented as a digression and has (in most) the following parameters: triggers, which determines intents used in the condition, and responses, which determines what to say. If digression could end a call, it also has parameters status and serviceStatus which will be set before exiting.

In case a common reaction does not fit your requirements you could tweak the parameters. However, digression parametrization has its limits, so feel free to modify the digression body if you need to.

Here is a list of common reactions:

Common reactionDescriptionDefault status/serviceStatus
answeringMachinedetects answering machine and end a conversationAnsweringMachine/AnsweringMachine
canHearYoudetects interlocutor's question "can you hear me" and respond-
iAmRobotdetects interlocutor's question "are you a robot?" and respond-
repeatAndPingdetects interlocutor's question "repeat please" and repeat; support retries limitRepeatHangup/Done
waitdetects interlocutor's question "wait please" and wait for some time-
callBackdetects interlocutor's request "call back" and end a conversationCallBack/Done
wontCallAnymoredetects interlocutor's request "don't call my anymore" and end a conversationDontCall/Done
reactiveListeningrandomly says "mhm" before response-
hellotriggers when nothing meaningful happens in the dialogue for too long; support retries limitEmptyCall/Done
dontUnderstandtriggers when the script has nothing to respond to an interlocutor; support retries limitDontUnderstandHangup/Done
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