Dasha Quick Start Guide

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What is Dasha?

Dasha is a conversational-AI-as-a-service platform. Using Dasha you can create a conversational experience that is natural, intuitive, and engaging.
You can in turn embed the voice experience capabilities into your app, product or telephone environment. Dasha can hold a conversation with you, ask questions, or help you or your company complete tasks that can be and should be automated. To sound indistinguishable from a human, Dasha uses machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), text-to-speech (TTS) and speech-to-text (STT).

How does Dasha work?

How do you have a conversation with a person? You listen, then you recognize meaning, come up with a reaction and respond. AI works in much the same manner.

First, Dasha converts voice to text (STT), then it analyzes text to understand the meaning of the phrase and extract data (NLU), then it progresses the dialogue according to the instructions you provided for the meaning extracted (DSL). At every step of the dialogue you can do a variety of actions - have Dasha respond to the user, make HTTPS requests to external services, run calculations or look up data in databases.

All conversational AI work in this way. Dasha Platform is an integrated set of tools that let you create conversational applications end-to-end, so you don't need to worry about stringing together multiple services. Dasha Playground has everything you need to create conversational applications today. If you need help, as you progress, you can get support in our community.

Start building

AI is not rocket science 😄. The best way to start is to explore Dasha Playground. With Playground, you can build and test human-like conversational AI apps in your favorite browser.

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